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Abstraction is Calvin College’s computer science club. Our list of activities and services include the following.

For the college:

  • Web hosting: Abstraction hosts many of Calvin’s club websites.
  • Mercurial repositories: Code can be stored on Abstraction’s Mercurial source code repository for safety until graduation.
  • Informational workshops: Want to learn command shell? Abstraction can help! We provide informational workshops on Linux and BASH.

For Individuals:

  • Project hosting: Our servers are available to host student projects! If you are working on a project and need a host, we can provide a virtual machine on our server! All you need to do is apply.
  • LAN parties: Abstraction will host LAN parties with pizza, games and friends two to four times each semester.
  • Minecraft server: Our server currently hosts a vanilla Minecraft world. Check out the server map at!

For Community:

  • Community outreach: Abstraction offers assistance to people with computer problems in the local community.
  • Soda-pop: Want to see what’s in the coke machine in the science building? Go to!

Get Involved

If you are interested in helping maintain and expand our server capabilities, enjoy planning and running LAN parties, or want to expand your computer knowledge and experience, Abstraction club meets on Wednesdays during chapel break (10 to 10:20) in SB-382.