We meet on Wednesdays  during chapel break (10 to 10:20) in the Computer Science Inner Sanctum (SB-321). (To find the Inner Sanctum, go into the Unix Lab or Windows Lab on the third floor of the Science Building. Each of these labs has a door to a room near the center of the Science Building where there is a lounge and racks of Computer Science-related magazines.)


We manage event advertising through student-news, Abstraction on Facebook, @AbstractionClub, and +Abstraction on Google+. Some common events include:

  • League of Legends (unaffiliated) LAN Party Every Friday (Also known as League Fridays)
  • Playing with CS Professors’ Scribbler robots  TBD


Visit http://abs/ to access our featured services, such as slate_permutate and book_connection.

Using GNU/Linux?

If you are having trouble determining how to use Calvin College’s Wifi network, see our instructions on configuring Wifi on GNU/Linux. Feel free to send an email to abstraction leadership if you have any troubles with GNU/Linux on campus.

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