Abstraction is Calvin College’s computer science club. Our list of activities and services include the following.

For the college:

  • Web hosting: Abstraction hosts many of Calvin’s club websites.
  • Mirror: Much of Calvin’s software can be downloaded via our mirror repository (accessible only on-campus). These repositories help Calvin reduce overall bandwidth usage by enabling on-site downloads from a trusted host on Calvin’s campus, rather than off-site, bandwidth-consuming, untrusted downloads from the internet.
  • Mercurial repositories: Code can be stored on Abstraction’s Mercurial source code repository for safety until graduation.
  • Informational workshops: Want to learn command shell? Abstraction can help! We provide informational workshops on Linux and BASH.

For Individuals:

  • Project hosting: Our servers are available to host student projects! If you are working on a project and need a host, we can provide a virtual machine on our server! All you need to do is apply.
  • LAN parties: Abstraction will host LAN parties with pizza, games and friends two to four times each semester.
  • Minecraft server: Our server currently hosts a vanilla Minecraft world. Sign up on this sheet to be whitelisted.
  • Zombiefest: Our largest events of the year – students wage war against the zombie hoard. The whole science building is game! Bring your nerf guns.

For Community:

  • Community outreach: Abstraction offers assistance to people with computer problems in the local community.
  • Soda-pop: Want to see what’s in the coke machine in the science building? Go to soda-pop.calvin.edu!

Get Involved

If you are interested in helping maintain and expand our server capabilities, enjoy planning and running LAN parties and/or Zombiefest, or want to expand your computer knowledge and experience, Abstraction club meets on Wednesdays during chapel break (10 to 10:20) in SB-382.