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02-11-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Drew VandeLun, Thomas Dykstra, Micah Ng, Brian Cole, Proff. Norman, Andrew Lang, Daniel DeHoog, Christian Woolle, Grant Ebeling, Lucas Schreiber, Mark VanderStel


New server (Mark)

-running fine
-move into… there? systems room
-hook ethernets
-Normans old server –> new file server

Website (Carson/Braker)

-threw together with word press, lookin good
-update mail list
-update minutes
-overwrite previous website

Coke Machine (Grant, Mark, Braker)

-displaying of info
-Sat morning 10:30

Neighborhood outreach (Norman)

-nothing yet

Mirror (Mark, Braker)

-deletes stuff and then adds the same stuff

Items to purchase

-talk about next week
-screwdrivers, etc.
-clean and take stock first

Abs Rebuild (Brian)

-Brian, prioritise abs rebuild
-Thomas (Brown) rebuilt by copying from old build
-many things out of date, need to rebuild
-build/document from scratch


-got reg info VERY late, not happening

108/112 project portfolios

-something ‘fun’ on the side
-try not to make it mandatory
-persuade them to do it


Zombiefest (28th Feb.) (Mark)

-reserve buildings
-game types
-meeting to plan
-go over feedback, forum

Lan Party (21st Feb.) (Lucas)

-posters printed, need approval
-start student news next week (Thomas)
-get feedback? document verbal feedback
-response emails

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