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02-15-17 Minutes

Attendance: Thomas Dykstra, Elizabeth Koning, Professor Norman, Drew Vande Lune, Logan Arens, Zach DeCook, Andrew Lang, Steve Sykora, Jordan Doorlag, Matthew Bone, Brent Ritzema, Shion Fukuzawa


LAN Parties: Coding Party

February 18: App Inventor, TIS-100, Microcorruption

Community Outreach

*Fliers: February 25
Outreach on March 4 and 11
Please email if you would like to volunteer.

ACM Official Club?

Project Ideas: Excel and Blockly

Use Blockly in Excel to make writing formulas easier

Colab with Women in Computing

Intro to CS: Build your first app! No experience expected.
Date TBD


March 11


Event Posters:

If you are interested in learning how to make posters, email

Raspberry Pi Projects:

Find out if departments have ideas that could improve their departments with Raspberry Pi’s

For discussion of meeting minutes go to our reddit page.

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