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03-02-16 Minutes

Attendance: Grant Ebeling, Thomas Dykstra, Stephen Sykora, Jesse Kuntz, Prof. Norman, Chris Weirenga, Quentin Baker, Ryan Johnson, Tyler Luce, Mark Vander Stel, Amber Bingle, Jay Bigelow, Logan Arens, Jacob Hess



-Date: March 5th
-Preparation: Quentin Baker, Ryan Johnson, Thomas Dykstra

x95 Workshop:

-Date: March 29th
-Topic: Linux Command Line
-Presenter: Logan Arens, Quentin Baker

LAN Party:

-Date: April 2nd

LAN Party:

-Date: April ??


Replacement Parts for Traction:

-Check budget

Get Braker’s Money:

-$450 for Traction, because he owns it.

Replacement Treasurer:

-Shown interest: Logan Arens

Raspberry Pi / Arduino Interest Group:

-Create a subreddit
-Semesterly meetings

Soda-Pop Machine:

-Look into database
-Change the pop? (Mountain Dew or Sunkist for flavored Coke)
-Take a boxed survey

For discussion of meeting minutes go to our reddit page.

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