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04-05-2017 Minutes

Attendance: Thomas Dykstra, Elizabeth Koning, Professor Norman, Jordan Doorlag, Quentin Baker, Brent Ritzema, Marcus McKay, Drew Vande Lune, Nate Herder, Logan Arens, Andrew Thomas


Department Ice Cream Social

Ice cream social for CS department and promoting Abstraction. Planning on May 9, with Senior Project Presentations.

Women in Computing Colab

Event for Intro to Coding.
April 27, Thursday night.

Week-long coding competition

HackerRank Week of Code: Starts April 10

Idea of Structure Update (next year?)

Weekly work on projects or interact with club members — as opposed to only planning meetings.

Call for Leadership 2017-2018

Email Thomas for interest in Secretary-VP-President track (Freshman), or Media Coordinator Position (any year)


Event Posters:

If you are interested in learning how to make posters, email

Raspberry Pi Projects

For discussion of meeting minutes go to ourĀ reddit page.

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