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10-05-16 Minutes

Attendance: Thomas Dykstra, Jesse Kuntz, Quentin Baker, Andrew Lang, Prof. Norman, Chris Wierenga, Thomas Wodarek, Elizabeth Koning, Drew Vande Lune, Logan Arens, Zach DeCook, Shion Fukuzawa, Marcus McKay, Catherine DeJarger, Thomas Woltjer, Andrew Thomas

Coding Competition:

Congratulations to the group from Calvin College who received 3rd place!
Competitors: Micah Ng, Andrew Groenewold, Chris Dilley



Date: Oct. 29

Raspberry Pi Workshop:

Date: Nov. 12

LAN Party 2:

Date: Dec. 3

Games for LAN Parties: LoL, Overwatch, TF2, Town of Salem, Artemis, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Minecraft, Open TTD


Computer Science Department TV:

Instead of using Calvin’s provided service, create our own software through a Raspberry Pi. For those interested, contact Chris Wieringa(
Meeting Tuesdays @ 1:30pm in SB 321

Cybersecurity Tutorial:

Date: Oct. 26 @ 6-10 pm, location TBA
x95 credit.
email to find out more

Abstraction System Administrator:

Logan Arens will be taking over the position of Abstraction System Administrator.

For discussion of meeting minutes go to our reddit page.

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