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Month: April 2015

4-22-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Dan VanKooten, Lucas Schreiber, Christian Woolle,
Grant Ebeling, Thomas Dykstra, Andrew Lang, Mark VanderStel, Proff. Norman,
Brian Cole, Carson Wiens, Daniel DeHoog, Andrew Darmawan, Micah Ng, Matt Rowe



-Calvin web print
-people signing up
-have google form for requests
-student info, contact info, what kind of server do you need?



Senior Dinner

-$200, submit request for reimbursement
-May 12

CIT miscommunications

-high barriers of entry, hope to lower
-insentivise projects for community benefit
-get a feel for what students want
-best CS/IS award of the year?
-api model, colab with cit
-form committee of CS/IS to organize this
-meeting Tuesday(28) 3:00pm CIT meeting room


LAN Party this Sat (Thomas)

Hackathon May 2

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4-15-2015 Minutes


Benjamin Braker, Carson Wiens, Drew VandeLun, Dan VanKooten, Mark VanderStel,
Daniel DeHoog, Andrew Lang, Lucas Schreiber, Thomas Dykstra, Proff. Norman, Micah Ng,
Grant Ebeling



-on student news, great work James
-May 2


-static IPs
-file system

Rechartering forms

-due tommorow
-Leadership (Grant, Thomas, Andrew, Braker)
-meet tonight, past 6
-need new sec for next year


LAN Party(25th)

-focused on Artemis


-last weekend went well
-for this weekend(pc: Carson, Beka)(mac: Norman?)

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4-8-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Dan VanKooten, Thomas Dykstra, Tyler Luce, Micah Ng,
Drew VandeLun, Lucas Schreiber, Andrew Lang, Mark VanderStel, Daniel DeHoog,
Brian Cole, Grant Ebeling, Peter VandeHaar, Proff. Norman, Carson Wiens



-new server, up and running, woot!
-Friday evening(after supper at 5, aim for 6)
-full setup, virtual machine, document steps


-leadership, rechartering
-was emailed, student orgs getting info on members
Student Senate
-Andrew Darmawan
-formal process for student projects with cit
-pay a student to maintain them, later cit will maintain them


LAN Party (25th)

-focus: figure out next wednesday

Outreach (11th, this weekend)

-two people have requested
-teams (Thomas Dykstra, Lucas Schreiber), next week + (Braker, Carson)
-Norman will send us info, #, call today/tommorow

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04-01-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Lucas Schreiber, Thomas Dykstra, Proff Norman, Drew VandeLun, James Lamine, Daniel DeHoog, Dan VanKooten, Brian Cole, Carson Wiens, Grant Ebeling, Mckenzie, Tyler Luce, Peter VandeHaar, Beka, Mark VanderStel


workshop next week

-mention outreach/hackathon

outreach (next sat/sat after that)

-sit down, max 2 hours
-given info/flash drives, check list
-op system is working
-Lucas Schreiber, Thomas Dykstra, Dan VanKooten, Carson Wiens,
-Mark VanderStel… Post below if you would like to join.

give student news a boost (Brian/Mckenzie)

-‘face-lift’ / new name
-whos currently in charge?
-making a better format, make enhanced primary
-fix current process? submissions

Cit, maintaining student projects

-Andrew Darmawan emails
-more details next week, meeting tuesday at 10

Hardware status

-cit dropped in

Recharter Forms



-announcing to classes
-student news (Beka)

final Lan Parties

-on the back burner

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