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4-22-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Dan VanKooten, Lucas Schreiber, Christian Woolle,
Grant Ebeling, Thomas Dykstra, Andrew Lang, Mark VanderStel, Proff. Norman,
Brian Cole, Carson Wiens, Daniel DeHoog, Andrew Darmawan, Micah Ng, Matt Rowe



-Calvin web print
-people signing up
-have google form for requests
-student info, contact info, what kind of server do you need?



Senior Dinner

-$200, submit request for reimbursement
-May 12

CIT miscommunications

-high barriers of entry, hope to lower
-insentivise projects for community benefit
-get a feel for what students want
-best CS/IS award of the year?
-api model, colab with cit
-form committee of CS/IS to organize this
-meeting Tuesday(28) 3:00pm CIT meeting room


LAN Party this Sat (Thomas)

Hackathon May 2

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