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4-8-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Dan VanKooten, Thomas Dykstra, Tyler Luce, Micah Ng,
Drew VandeLun, Lucas Schreiber, Andrew Lang, Mark VanderStel, Daniel DeHoog,
Brian Cole, Grant Ebeling, Peter VandeHaar, Proff. Norman, Carson Wiens



-new server, up and running, woot!
-Friday evening(after supper at 5, aim for 6)
-full setup, virtual machine, document steps


-leadership, rechartering
-was emailed, student orgs getting info on members
Student Senate
-Andrew Darmawan
-formal process for student projects with cit
-pay a student to maintain them, later cit will maintain them


LAN Party (25th)

-focus: figure out next wednesday

Outreach (11th, this weekend)

-two people have requested
-teams (Thomas Dykstra, Lucas Schreiber), next week + (Braker, Carson)
-Norman will send us info, #, call today/tommorow

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