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5-6-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Drew VandeLun, Carson Wiens, Proff. Norman, Lucas Schreiber,
Andrew Lang, Thomas Dykstra, Daniel DeHoog, Christian Woolle, Dan VanKooten,
Mark VanderStel, Benjamin Braker, Grant Ebeling, Chris Wieringa



-Gary CIT
-Mark will send emails to people who have the ability and time


-procedures and forms
-money in reserve for ad-hoc requests
-might be able to get $1k
-hunt down a new file system(Norman, Braker, Chris)

Hackathon last sat

-6 participants


-sys admins, Drew/mystery freshman
-sys admin, paid possition? under Chris/Norman, hour a week,
braker write-up details on this position
-secretary, Braker temp

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