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9-16-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Grant Ebeling, Thomas Dykstra, Andrew Lang, Benjamin Braker, Brian Cole, Mark Vander Stel, Prof. Norman, Drew Vande Lune, Lucas Schreiber, Steve Sykora, Amber Bingle, Micah Ng, Zach DeCook, Jordan Hordyk, Jesse Kuntz, Landon Sterk, Spencer Schultz, Peter Oostema, Aaron Santucci, Justin Baskaran, Seth Altena, Sam Flint, Ryan Johnson, Jordan Gorkis


Event Date Selection:

-Sept. 26: League of Legends LAN Party
-Oct. 10:   Minecraft LAN Party
-Oct. 24:   Zombiefest
-Nov. 14:  LAN Party (TBD)
-Dec. 7:     Open day for additional event

195 Workshop Topic Ideas:

-Git workshop

WordPress Workshop:

-Contact Calvin clubs to inform them of change.
-Create placeholder site to replace old sites.
-Set a date to train club leadership to work new site.
-Train club leadership.
-Participants: Carson, Drew, Brian, Sam, Benjamin

Open Leadership Positions:

-Current open positions include; Secretary, Sys Admin, Game Admin
-Contact current Abstraction leader for more info about position and to show interest.

Possible Coding Competitions:

-CCSC-MW: early registration due Sept. 19
-ACM: registration due by Oct. 5
-Contact Prof. Norman to show interest

For discussion of meeting minutes go to our reddit page.

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