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9-23-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Grant Ebeling, Thomas Dykstra, Andrew Lang, Benjamin Braker, Brian Cole, Mark Vander Stel, Drew Vande Lune, Lucas Schreiber, Steve Sykora, Micah Ng, Zach DeCook, Jesse Kuntz, Carson Weins, Spencer Schultz, Quentin Baker, Jordan Hordyk, Jordan Doorlag, Justin Baskaran, Chris Weirenga


League of Legends LAN Party (Sept. 26, 7:00-11:00 PM):

-Need to update League client on all computers in lab (email date)
Participants: Mark, Carson, Benjamin, Ryan

Atomic Games (Oct 24):

-Registration by Oct 11
-Paired programming
Participants: Mark, Jeanette, Andrew, Jesse, Zach, Micah, Thomas

Zombiefest (Oct. 31, 7:00-12:00 PM):

-Rescheduled Zombiefest from Oct. 24 to 31 due to Chicago Comedy group performance that day
-Made note that the newest Nerf Rival guns will not be allowed due to safety concerns
Participants: Undecided


Event Poster Designer:

-Interested: Steve, Spencer

Student Led Projects:

For discussion of meeting minutes go to our reddit page.

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