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Category: Minutes

04-01-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Lucas Schreiber, Thomas Dykstra, Proff Norman, Drew VandeLun, James Lamine, Daniel DeHoog, Dan VanKooten, Brian Cole, Carson Wiens, Grant Ebeling, Mckenzie, Tyler Luce, Peter VandeHaar, Beka, Mark VanderStel


workshop next week

-mention outreach/hackathon

outreach (next sat/sat after that)

-sit down, max 2 hours
-given info/flash drives, check list
-op system is working
-Lucas Schreiber, Thomas Dykstra, Dan VanKooten, Carson Wiens,
-Mark VanderStel… Post below if you would like to join.

give student news a boost (Brian/Mckenzie)

-‘face-lift’ / new name
-whos currently in charge?
-making a better format, make enhanced primary
-fix current process? submissions

Cit, maintaining student projects

-Andrew Darmawan emails
-more details next week, meeting tuesday at 10

Hardware status

-cit dropped in

Recharter Forms



-announcing to classes
-student news (Beka)

final Lan Parties

-on the back burner

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02-11-2015 Minutes

Attendance: Benjamin Braker, Drew VandeLun, Thomas Dykstra, Micah Ng, Brian Cole, Proff. Norman, Andrew Lang, Daniel DeHoog, Christian Woolle, Grant Ebeling, Lucas Schreiber, Mark VanderStel


New server (Mark)

-running fine
-move into… there? systems room
-hook ethernets
-Normans old server –> new file server

Website (Carson/Braker)

-threw together with word press, lookin good
-update mail list
-update minutes
-overwrite previous website

Coke Machine (Grant, Mark, Braker)

-displaying of info
-Sat morning 10:30

Neighborhood outreach (Norman)

-nothing yet

Mirror (Mark, Braker)

-deletes stuff and then adds the same stuff

Items to purchase

-talk about next week
-screwdrivers, etc.
-clean and take stock first

Abs Rebuild (Brian)

-Brian, prioritise abs rebuild
-Thomas (Brown) rebuilt by copying from old build
-many things out of date, need to rebuild
-build/document from scratch


-got reg info VERY late, not happening

108/112 project portfolios

-something ‘fun’ on the side
-try not to make it mandatory
-persuade them to do it


Zombiefest (28th Feb.) (Mark)

-reserve buildings
-game types
-meeting to plan
-go over feedback, forum

Lan Party (21st Feb.) (Lucas)

-posters printed, need approval
-start student news next week (Thomas)
-get feedback? document verbal feedback
-response emails

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02-04-2015 Minutes


Daniel Dehoog, Mark VanderStel, Dan Vankooten, Thomas Dykstra, Benjamin Braker, Drew VandeLun, Proff. Norman, Lucas Schreiber, Brian Cole, Carson Wiens


Plan event dates

-rethink March 7 for zombiefest
-doesn’t work for mark
-daylight savings
-3 lan parties
-Feb 21
-mid april
-first of may

Form Commitees

pop machine website

-Lead by Grant
-need to sort out site first
-$277.09 balance
-how much do we owe the department for the machine?
-senior banquet

neighborhood outreach

-Lead by Norman
-get commitee together

setting up new server (need deadlines)

-Lead by mark, Brian and Carson help
-file server and game server
-process on how to add accounts
-get it asap, talk with Chris for help

website refurbishing

-Lead by Carson, Braker
-not mess with current website? just start over?
-ya just start over and overwrite the old

old computer junk?

-sort through what we want to keep
-Thursday chapel break+

firewall rules

-need to document servers first

AdHoc request lost

-push the matter

Mailing list

-part of website
-better way of contacting the club, reddit/email


-what are we going to do with them


-April 7/14

buying random guff

-phone bank chargers?
-new couch?
-make a list of what we want too buy for abs


First lan party Feb 21

-setup desktops so they cant be copied to, keep the computers from being over-loaded
-Lead by: Lucas Schreiber, Thomas Dykstra
-track posters
-reserve room
-setup comps before event
-get pizza ordered, GET RECIEPTS!!

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Attendence: Proff. Norman, Dan Vankooten, Grant Ebeling, Brian Cole, Mark VanderStel,
Drew VandeLun, Thomas Dykstra


soda server

balance ratio


girls who code

-mon night, need storage space
-csx room, give them code
-make some room

fans in csx

-get rid of them?



-posters up, student news out. Good to go!
-radios again
-get 010 unlocked on time
-we have zombie free signs
-change rules:
-no tackling/jumping/landing on people/”extended lunging”
-zombie free elevators

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