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Event Descriptions

LAN Parties

Abstraction hosts several LAN parties throughout each semester for people to come and hang out with friends while playing a wide range of computer games like Minecraft, Artemis, League of Legends, BZ Flag, and many more.

Hands-on Workshops

Abstraction uses the Calvin College public resources, as well as a library of materials owned by Abstraction (think Raspberry Pi!) to help both the programming novice and the emacs guru learn more about Computers, Hardware, Software, and Programming in a fun low-stress environment without grades, but with prizes!


Recently Abstraction has started up a hands on learning workshop during one of the CS 195/295 colloquiums. The workshop topic could include “How to Use Unix Commands”, “How to Build Your Own Computer”, “How to Install Your Own Linux OS”, and several others. This is done once per semester and attendees get credit towards their CS 195/295 requirement.


Every spring Abstraction members head out into our local neighborhood and provide free computer tune-up services. As a spring cleaning and a chance to give back to the community that helps support Calvin, this event is a great opportunity to minister to others.