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Walk of shame: U. Utah students talk about label

Daily Utah Chronicle (U. Utah)

(U-Wire)- The word ``slut'' is often a title only applied to females. Students say this is attributed not only to a women's lifestyle but a manner of dress, especially if she comes home wearing the same thing she wore the night before. The ``walk of shame'' is a popular phrase heard on college campuses, referring to someone who is seen walking home in the morning with disheveled hair and makeup. The phrase, and the titles given to women who do ``the walk of shame,'' is often a double standard. In our culture, said many students, we expect women to have a stronger sexual morality and assume that men are allowed to be promiscuous because they simply do not have much control over their desires. One fraternity member remarked that these stereotypes are, unfortunately, due to the fact that we still live in a male-dominated society.

Sorority fire result of unattended candle

Daily Nebraskan (U. Nebraska)

(U-Wire)- A fire broke out on the second floor of the Phi Mu sorority house at 8:15 a.m. while a student who left a candle burning was taking a shower. The fire started when the candle, placed upon a 3-foot plastic stand, tipped over and nearby papers caught on fire. According to the police, one student received second-degree burns on her hand while trying to put out the fire. There were no serious injuries but the fire and rescue squad expressed their disapproval at the fact that during the evacuation, nobody pulled the fire alarm. One student stated that, as a result of the fire, she intends to alert Greek organizations about the dangers of burning candles and the importance of pulling the fire alarm when a fire occurs.

Pennsylvania law limits paintball guns

Daily Collegian (Pennsylvania State U.)

(U-Wire)- A new law passed will make the transport of a loaded or fully assembled paint gun illegal on public roadways. Targeting irresponsible paintball fun users in Pennsylvania, the law states that all guns along public highways must be unloaded or disarmed. Members of the Pennsylvania State University Paintball Association are concerned, hoping that the law does not affect those who take the sport seriously.

Left-handers don't always have right-of-way

Cavalier Daily (U. Virginia)