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May 11, 2007
Volume 101, Issue 29
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Bonnema chosen as Professor of the Year

Biology professor Joy Bonnema was awarded the 2007 Professor of the Year Award last week. Bonnema was nominated by senior students earlier this year and chosen by a selection committee based on her work in the classroom and her significant efforts to guide her students in faith and learning.

Bonnema said she was taken completely by surprise when she was presented with the award by a group of seniors.

“I felt conspicuous and undeserving, yet I also felt honored and appreciated,” she said. “Whether in the classroom or one-on-one, I love teaching and mentoring and have been richly blessed by getting to know students at Calvin; I consider it a gift from God to be able to work with them.”

This is Bonnemaa’s 10th year at Calvin. Aside from teaching biology classes, Bonnema has taught a variety of Interims, including “Biology as a Springboard for Worship” and several Interims on human sexuality. She served as a Barnabas team mentor for two years.

Bus schedule changes

On May 21 the Rapid will be making routes and schedule changes. According to the Rapid’s website the changes are intended to make the Rapid’s service “more effective and efficient.” For more information and for upcoming schedule changes, see the website at www.ridetherapidorg/newsInfo/PhaseOneSummary.

Books appear out of nowhere

This Monday thousands of mysterious books appeared piled around Calvin’s campus.

“I kinda thought the CRC had come up with some new weird propaganda,” said one student who apathetically ignored the books spread across his table in Johnny’s.

Most students with enough curiosity to get past the front cover found moderately clever and slightly humorous content.

When used properly, the Discern Your Own Adventure books provide up to 21 different endings to the adventures of a high school student embarking on a college quest.

“It really isn’t that creative,” one student was overheard saying. “I mean it completely rips off ‘Harry Potter,’ the ‘Matrix,’ and ‘Indiana Jones.’”

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