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February 26, 2010
Volume 104, Issue 20
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CVN to launch news program
  Enlarge Photo courtesy of Calvin Video Network
CVN’s Channel 4 news team, assembled.

Once again, Calvin Video Network is giving students an opportunity to burst the Calvin bubble. CVN is launching a new news program, “Channel 4 News,” that will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. for 30 to 40 minutes.

The anchors will be junior Nick Vera and freshman Megan Korber. Freshman Kaitlin Huissen will report on the weather, sophomore T.J. Fenske on sports and freshman Andrew Acevedo on entertainment. Junior Alex Docekal and Vera will produce and direct.

Vera, the creator and anchor of Channel 4 News as well as the co-producer and director, is excited for the relaunch of a news program on CVN (the last news program aired during fall semester of 2008). “Channel 4 News is looking to become one of the main news sources at Calvin,” said Vera.

The program will remain mostly the same as that of fall 2008, but with a little twist.

“This time around, we are keeping somewhat of the same format, but we are trying to add a little more humor to the show,” said Vera. “Obviously, serious stories will stay serious, but we would like to give it sort of a ‘Weekend Update’ feel from the show ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

The program is expected to air through the end of spring semester. It will feature news from the Grand Rapids area, nation and world. The show aims to expose Calvin students to news from the outside world, whether it be from Kentwood or Afghanistan, “Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to watch the news or surf the web for top stories everyday,” Vera said.

News isn’t the only focus of Channel 4 News, according to Vera. “We are all having fun on the set, and we try to get our viewers involved and have fun too.” The SNL angle and the segments on entertainment and sports will provide some of this fun.

Sports anchor Fenske is excited about writing his own stories and lines. He will be covering not only Calvin teams but also Michigan sports teams, both professional and collegiate. He also commented on the freedom given to the students at CVN. “It makes it easier to be myself on the air,” he said.

Both Fenske and the show’s co-anchor with Vera, Huissen, are looking to increase their experience in broadcasting. “This is a good shot for me to see if I like it,” Fenske said.

“I’m interested in doing this … for the experience to see if I would want to major in something like this,” said Huissen.

Fenske expects it to be a learning experience and a bit of a challenge. “Some of the challenges that go along with this are extra time commitments, and for me, pronunciation!”

Huissen also commented on some of the obstacles of a weekly news program. “Although it will be fun for us at Channel 4, we have the challenge of making the show new, different and interesting each week. That is our goal and hopefully we will be able to achieve it.”

Keeping the show going after summer break might be the hardest part, though, as the last news program fizzled after Christmas break.

“It is difficult … to keep a show going a whole year, especially when there are bigger projects that need to be taken care of,” said Vera.

Also difficult will be maintaining the energy after midterms kick in. “The issue withhaving an all student run show is that classes pick up later in the semester and people’s schedules are harder to work around,” admitted senior Kristin Crawford, another producer at CVN.

“We would like to keep this show going until the end of the year, and we will see where it goes this coming fall,” said Vera.

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