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February 26, 2010
Volume 104, Issue 20
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Ken Ham’s recent address singles out Calvin College
Young Earth Creationist combines bad science with bad theology and bad politics

The culture wars still linger in the air. Some want to prolong these unprofitable wars by fabricating battles, such as the one between science and religion. Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, exemplified this in his recent “State of the Nation 2” address, which can be viewed online.

Ham delivered a speech that was as memorable and irrational as his one-liners. It is rare to find in one single talk so many lies, inaccuracies, and caricatures covering the wide spectrum of history, sociology of religion, politics, science and Biblical exegesis (more could be listed!).

Ken Ham’s vehement opposition to evolution, which has been the essence of his entire career and the life-blood of his projects (e.g. the Creation Museum), was evident throughout the speech. He continues to credit evolution with being one of the reasons for the collapse of our society.

It is interesting to see how Ham rips verses out of the Old Testament, verses that apply to the covenant relationship between God and the nation of Israel, and applies them to America. He openly admits that he believes America is a Christian nation that was built upon the authority of the Word of God.

Ham has recently expanded to his list of “compromisers” and “corrupters” in his address to include Obama, the Gap store and Intelligent Design proponents. He is also critical of the BioLogos Foundation, which was recently started by Francis Collins to promote the compatibility of faith with science. To add to this list, Ham singles out Calvin College. Yes, our college.

“... A college I know teaches evolution as fact and teaches millions of years, a Christian college, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan ... They are being told the Bible is not inerrant ... You might as well throw the whole thing away, which is what a lot of people do these days because of that sort of teaching.”

During this portion of the speech, Ham quotes the Chimes, specifically an article by religion professor Daniel Harlow, to prove his claims.

The Calvin Community should pray for this man and his followers.

You know what I think is wrong with society? You know what I think is compromising the Church? It’s the ideology of Ken Ham. His rigid black-and-white beliefs and lack of charity parallel the mentality of the new atheists, including Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. In fact, I believe these two streams are twin mutations of modernity. It is either faith or reason. It is either religion or science. They both share a rhetoric of fear, making exaggerated claims about how the other side is taking over the nation and world. No wonder all of their followers are massively paranoid.

You know why a lot of people are throwing away the Bible today? It is because of people like Ken Ham and his twins. People are being forced to decide if the Bible is divine or human.

You know why evolution is causing unbelief? It is because Ken Ham and his twins are forcing people to choose between creation and evolution.

You know one of the reasons why American Christianity is in a bad state? Because of the idolatrous nationalism of people like Ken Ham; an idolatry that elevates America above the world, and equates it to Israel, betraying our ultimate allegiance to the City of God.

How are Christians in America compromising the truth? We are running around scared, paranoid and void of the hope of the Gospel we proclaim. We want to grasp for power, while Jesus chose the Cross. This nation was never Christian; in fact, no nation has ever been. We await that city with foundations built by God, as strangers in our nation, embodying as best we can the Kingdom for this world.

The Creation Museum is proof that Ken Ham and his ideas have a lot of money and power behind them. But the Word of the Lord is the only thing that endures forever. Culture wars will fade away.

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