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October 15, 2010
Volume 105, Issue 7
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Shoe swap aids students

How many pairs of shoes do you have? More than you can count on one hand? More than you wear? More than you need?

One of the latest campus initiatives aims to address our over-abundance of shoes while giving to other students in need. The Two Shoes campaign has been taking in shoes for much of September and October. The campaign ends today.

“Two Shoes is all student driven and student initiated,” said Norm Zylstra, coordinator of Student and Young Alumni Programs.

Specifically, juniors Ahna Terpstra and Kayla Rosendale came to the idea for the Two Shoes campaign with the help of staff member Souzan Karadsheh.

One hundred percent of the money raised in the Two Shoes campaign will go to the Community Care Fund, a fund that gives money to students and families in unique situations of need.

Two Shoes has brought in huge numbers of shoes of all kinds and promises to benefit the Community Care Fund in a meaningful way.

“It’s kind of ridiculous how we have so many shoes when there are people without them,” said Zylstra. “This is to raise awareness of the Community Care Fund.”

The intent of the program is really less about shoes than about helping Calvin students. Still, the shoes will also be well used. Today, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. the donated shoes will be out on Commons Lawn. Students can bring a pair of shoes to the display, give two dollars and then take a pair of shoes of their choice.

Certainly, students will benefit in that they will be able to swap shoes, but the primary goal is to feed the Community Care Fund, which is a part of the larger Annual Fund. Two Shoes is unique in that all of the proceeds will move from students to students. That is, Calvin students will be, effectively, giving money to support their friends and classmates.

Zylstra urges us to take advantage of our opportunity to engage in this giving because we will be helping to our peers.

“One of my hopes is that when students leave Calvin, people will understand that alumni give of their gifts to the college,” said Zylstra. “Those gifts are not just financial.”

He emphasized the importance of the gifts of the Spirit. There are hundreds of ways to give, but Two Shoes represents a unique means, available only to students.

“The second thing is that I hope that students feel good about the alumni that give,” said Zylstra, noting the connection between student giving and alumni giving.

If students help one another during their time at Calvin, they are more likely to continue in that assistance even after they leave Calvin. Our present giving ought to inspire admiration for the giving of graduates.

“Every gift to this fund is important,” said Zylstra. “From the $2 Two Shoes gift to the $50,000 presidential gift.”

Hopefully, Two Shoes will not only create more space in your closet, but also provide a means for students to help students who need it.

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