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March 3, 2006
Volume 100, Issue 20
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Science & Technology
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New comet visible

The newly discovered Comet Pojmanski is currently visible to the unaided eye, provided clouds cooperate.

Its closest approach to Earth at a distance of 71.7 million miles happens March 5, and after that it will quickly fade as it heads back out along its orbit to the outer solar system.

It was officially discovered on Jan. 2 by Grzegorz Pojmanski at the Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory, according to

Though easier to see with binoculars or a telescope and only if you know where to look, it is visible in the constellation Capricornus.

It can be found between 10 and 20 degrees above the horizon a little south of due east about 90 minutes before sunrise (that?s around quarter to six in the morning ? early, true).

It will look like a small, circular patch of bluish-white light.

If you find yourself out early on a clear morning, or motivate yourself to do so, look for this comet. It?ll be a long time until it returns.

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