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November 18, 2005
Volume 100, Issue 11
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Calvin accommodations help students
Physically disabled freshman discusses dorm life and the challenge of dealing with stereotypes

Coming to college is a huge adjustment for any incoming freshman. But when that freshman is wheelchair-bound, the struggles faced go deeper than roommate worries or classroom anxieties. Everyday occurrences such as entering a dorm or carrying books to class become large obstacles.

However, Calvin has been more than accommodating to all of its disabled students this year, calming many pre-college anxieties for its students with disabilities. First-year student Tess Hazenburg has experienced much of Calvin’s generosity in planning for this year.

“Calvin has done a lot to help me,” Hazenburg said. One important way that Calvin has been accommodating is in “making sure [her] schedule works out well.”

Hazenburg explained how she was able to register early for her second semester classes in order to make sure that she would be able to take the classes she needed to at times that work out

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What do you think of when you hear the term ‘role-playing games’? Nerds in cloaks chanting spells and pretending to be wizards? How about ‘video games’? Skinny pale guys cracking jokes about binary code while polishing their glasses?

Gamers are often seen as

misfits and loners because

students tend to base their opinions of these hobbies on stereotypes more easily accessible than the people who play them.

Many of these negative stereotypes are in fact false and overshadow the true gaming culture that lies under their shadow.

One of the most popular kinds of games among video and computer gamers are first-person shooter games, meaning that you are shooting people with guns and see the game from the perspective of the shooter. Perhaps the two most common

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