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November 18, 2005
Volume 100, Issue 11
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Arts & Entertainment
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“Treating your audience like thieves is absurd. Anyone who chooses to listen to our music becomes a collaborator,” Jeff Tweedy said.

This was of course in reference to the frenzy surrounding the pre-release leak of 2002’s critically acclaimed “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” something that didn’t help matters in an already strained relationship with record giants Warner Brothers.

While he was referring to that particular incident, one can’t help but be drawn to Tweedy’s sincerity in regards to music-making in general, and the inescapable importance of the listener. Those sentiments were in full bloom last Thursday, Nov. 10 as nearly 800 students and locals crammed into the chapel.

Things kicked off around 8 p.m., though fans got in line far before that, braving the cold for as long as three hours, as if there were even a bad seat in ...

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Yellowcard, along with bands The Pink Spiders and Acceptance taught the audience what rock music is all about Monday night at the Intersection.

Beginning the night was The Pink Spiders, a relatively new band starting from Tennessee.

Instead of setting the stage for a night of good, solid music, the Pink Spiders put on a mediocre performance, proving that it takes more than good looks to win over a crowd.

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Chris Rice has recently left Rocketown Records—the label he has been with since his debut in 1997—in favor of marketing music that anyone can enjoy. Rice succeeds with this goal on “Amusing,” his latest offering.

“Amusing” is primarily a love-song album, which is rather strange coming from a

man who says that he’s never been in love.

However, calling “Amusing” a love album doesn’t necessarily mean that it is slow and subdued. Rice manages to incorporate a sound not often ...

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Big O' Cafe lives up to the buzz

For so long, I have heard the rants and raves about Big O’ Café’s Friday’s Special Cuban Dinner and their award-winning pizza. In some sort of bizarre way, I was almost avoiding going to Big O’ Café because of the excessive buzz surrounding it.

Think twice about love

Perhaps you are like me and have come to dread romantic feelings as the equivalent of being tied to train tracks.

Fear not, for I am more than happy to announce Laura Smit has given us her first book, “Loves Me, Loves Me Not.” It is not only a very readable and insightful look at an important subject, but also one of the best books by a Christian writer I’ve read in years.

Bryce Avary's 'Rocket' takes off

It is almost unnerving at points to listen to something as wildly catchy as the music The Rocket Summer churns out if the listener were not too busy tapping their feet and resisting the near-overwhelming urge to dance.

Avary’s latest album is done in his signature style — that is, an emo-tinged brand of piano pop which sounds like what ...

Flyleaf fails to defy industry standards

If a person were looking for a band that is both aurally and visually similar to Evanescence, then Flyleaf is the band for him. There is nothing quite like listening to a copycat artist for the first time, especially a copycat of a band that does not deserve to be copied in the first place.