Dialogue is Calvin College’s non-profit undergraduate publication for prose, poetry, and visual art. 


Readers: Dialogue  cannot exist without faithful readers. Our magazine is 100% free to the public, so grab one for yourself, a couple more for your friends, and join the conversations about the pieces in our magazine.

Jury Members: During the selection process, we have a team of blind jury members review all of our submissions and rate them based on artistic merit. We need jury members for prose, poetry, and visual art.

Staff Members: We need dedicated students who are willing to help with the day-to-day maintenance of Dialogue as an organization. Positions include communications, promotions, layout design, editing, and more.

Photographer: We need someone to work with artists to photograph their art work. The connection between a physical object and its visual representation requires an eye for detail and the ability to collaborate. 

Other: Still want to be involved? We will try our best to find the perfect place in our organization for you!

If interested in any of these positions, please contact dialogue.submissions@gmail.com


Dialogue has two submission deadlines per semester. The first is a free-write deadline where all pieces have equal weight in being accepted for publication. The second deadline is a guided deadline where we announce specific pieces that we are looking for; pieces that meet the guidelines will be preferenced. Look for our advertisements on posters, in Student News, and on Facebook for deadline information!

Send prose, poetry, and visual art to dialogue.submisssions@gmail.com. You are only allowed to submit a maximum of three pieces per genre. Prose and poetry should be submitted as attached Word documents. Visual art should be sent as an attached JPG file. Any visual art that cannot be sent electronically should be photographed and e-mailed as a JPG image. Each piece must be labeled “Title, Artist’s Name, Medium.” If neglected, we will be forced to leave the piece unlabeled in one or more of those ways.

A blind jury reviews submissions and rates each piece based on artistic merit. Dialogue has three juries: prose, poetry, and visual art.

All works chosen for publication are organized by our layout editor and reviewed by our staff before the magazine is finalized.

If chosen for publication, Dialogue will notify you before the publication date, and your work will appear with other selected works in the following issue. 

Selected or not, do not forget to come to our release party to pick up your free copy of Dialogue magazine!