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Welcome to the official website of Calvin IMPROV. Since 1988 we have been entertaining the Calvin community, Grand Rapids, and West Michigan with our comedy. We perform on campus about 3 or 4 times per semester in a number of different venues for free.

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Improv is short for improvisation, or improvisational comedy. Essentially, we perform short scenes which are entirely improvised. That's right, no scripts, no lines, just unbridled joy. We don't make it all up, though. We take suggestions like locations, objects, occupations, or lines of dialog from you, the audience, and use them to generate a scene. You'll never see the same show twice!

For the more interested improv folks out there, we perform both longform and shortform improv, though we usually concentrate on shortform style.

For the obsessive improv folks out there who have actually read this far down the page, we will have auditions again next fall! Hope to see you then.

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